HN Kansai Meetup #4

Fri, 30 Nov 2012 19:30 - 22:30 JST

The Wexford Tavern

苦楽園口第一ビル 2F 8−13 Minamikoshikiiwacho, Nishinomiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan 0798-70-6471


The end of the Year is approaching and we are pleased to announce our next event for the end of November. This time we will be in a more casual environment at the friendly Wexford Tavern near Korakuenguchi train station. We will have a separate room for ourselves. Based on your feedback we decided to make the event longer (3 hours instead of 2) to ensure you have more time to talk with other members and share ideas or show your work. After the event you are welcome to stay at the Wexford Tavern to get drinks as well.

We will start on Friday 30th at the same time as usual (19h30) and finish around 22h30. Entrance fee is 500 JPY. It is OK if you arrive slightly later that the start time.

7h30 ~7h50 / grab some food and say hello
7h50 ~8h20/ self-introductions
8h20~9h30/ Presentations [1]
9h30~10h00 / What you liked recently on HN [2]
10h00~10h30 : free time for discussions

[ 1 ] We will have the following presentations:
- VPNs, by Francisco Alcantara
- Prototyping with Arduino, by Stoyan Zhekov
- The First Hackers I Ever Knew, by Raphael Guyot
- A SideProject, by Michael Frankland

[ 2 ] Second, since we have a little more time for this event, we are asking all participants to select ONE story that you liked on Hacker News recently, and explain why you liked it to the rest of the group.

- To get to Wexford Tavern you basically need to catch the Hankyu Line to Shukugawa station (between Ashiya and Nishinomiya) and change line to follow the direction of Koyoen -> after you change line it's only one stop away, at Korakuenguchi. Once you step out of the station the Wexford Tavern is just 1 minute walk away (please check the map).
- You can catch the Hankyu Line directly from Kyoto (Karasuma or Kawaramachi for example) or from Osaka or Kobe Sannomiya as well. All Express trains stop at Shukugawa.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

The HN Kansai Team
Francisco, Sacha and Raphael

年末が近づいてきましたね、11月末のイベントをお知らせいたします。今回は、阪急苦楽園口駅の近くにあるお店「Wexford Tavern」にて、よりカジュアルな雰囲気になります。私達のオフ会は別室にて行います。


イベント終了後、同じWexford Tavernで一緒に飲みましょう。

イベントの流れは、いつものようになります: メンバーと交じる→プレゼンテーション→もっと交じる。




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