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Sun, 03 Nov 2013 09:00 - 13:00 JST

Ashiyagawa eki, Japan


Hey guys

Rokko to Arima hike on Sunday 3 November, set off at 9am. It's a 4 hour hike.

The meeting point is Hankyu Ashiyagawa Station, 25 minutes by train from Osaka. There's a train station at our end point, Arima, to get home.

Features of the hike include the summit of Rokko (930m), the Rock Garden, a natural pond (often with wild boar), mad views over Kobe and Osaka, and Arima village.

Pick up some water at the train station before we set off. I also recommend sunscreen, a hand towel, insect repellant, spare t-shirt.

This hike is steep enough in spots you're basically climbing, not recommended if you're hell out of shape or hungover ;)

If the weather is really terrible on the day I'll repost here at 7:30am.

See you then!

Craig Rozynski

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